‘Urgency’ needed on EU military mission in Mozambique, says Borrell

The European Union must move with “urgency” to step up its support for Mozambique as it battles against a wave of attacks by Islamic insurgents by sending a military training mission to work with local soldiers, the bloc’s foreign affairs chief said on Thursday (6 May).

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At a Glance – Security situation in Mozambique – 12-07-2021

Since 2017, a relatively unknown Islamic group has staged a destabilising insurgency against the Mozambican government forces and the local population in the predominantly Muslim northern province of Cabo Delgado. Off the provincial coast, huge gas extraction projects have been launched in a bid to revitalise the national economy, crippled by external debt. So far, the army has proved relatively ineffective in dealing with the insurgency. The government has asked external partners for support, including in training and logistics.

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