“T.E.M.I.T.E+ / TransEuropean Mobility for Intercultural Training enhanced by Erasmus+”










Erasmus+ Action KA101


10. Investing in education, training and lifelong learning


I.I.S. MICHELE GIUA - Cagliari




The project aims to promote the process of renewal of the didactic activity through the participation of 25 teachers, the principal and one technical assistant of laboratory. Four teachers and the principal will be involved in the observation activity as job-shadowing. The rest of the personnel involved will follow training courses structured in the countries of the European Union. Each participant has been chosen through a specific procedure of internal selection, considering also the disciplines touched through their presence.


The activities chosen in the plan of European development are: European languages classes, CLIL methodology, to potentiate the general linguistic competences and extend the methodology CLIL to all the disciplines that model the academic curriculum. Classes have been chosen to promote innovative didactic methodologies, on digital competences, on the managerial skills for the principal, in an effort to make the didactic more inclusive and attractive for our students. Classes on the project competences as project management are also included in the program, in order to form a group dedicated to European project application design, inside the institute.An important role is also played by the job-shadowing team, which articulates over two European schools, and over two principal that joined efforts to fight school-leaving. The school in Spain has been identified for its characteristics of didactic innovation, hosting 3 persons that will have the opportunity to explore and study a reality of experimentation of projects to fight the school dropout phenomenon. The second partner school, in Portugal, will host two teachers to study closely the department dedicated to the development of European transnational projects; a department born thanks to the enlightened idea of the school principal. The observation will be the inspiration to activate another objective of the project: replicate the idea to make it become a complementary element to the didactic activity.





The department of “European Planning and Cooperation” will offer and informative service, for the transition to the job market, for the orientation of the students in this new environment. The informative service will be offered to students, ex students and teachers, to favor the access to Europe and its opportunities.
The staff engaged in the formation abroad will have the duty to valorize his or her experience in the school, through transversal activities, involving all the colleagues, even if other disciplines are concerned. Once the training abroad will come to an end, workshops and seminars will be held, reports of the activities will be addressed to the online archives and other platforms to share the information and documents inside the school. The competences will also be used to organize new future projects, or to adapt the existent projects.