Knowledge Pills Methodology – efficient learning and knowledge sharing for SMEs








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Knowledge Pills Methodology (KPM) Project proposes KPM as efficient remedy for SME problems. KPM uses Knowledge Pills (KP), dedicated, short instructional videos prepared for certain SME.


The main objectives of the project was to transfer and test the Knowledge Pills Methodology (KPM) to SMEs. The use of KPM helped in the learning processes and organizational change especially for the SMEs lacking time and money. The economic crisis was probably the most appropriate time for the implementation of such project. In this difficult circumstances, cost efficient in-company education helped to survive naturally fragile SMEs and strengthen its position on the European market.




Ioannis Dontas

1. Knowledge Pills Methodology (KPM) consist of theoretical background, description of the process of KPM implementation and rules of efficient cooperation with SMEs. It also focus on guidelines for the knowledge mediators that worked with SMEs employees and teach them how to transfer vital knowledge in the company and easily teach and learn new skills.

2. Manual for the KPM use – foreseen as guidebook for Knowledge Moderators consisting of mainly practical informations including: exercises, cases, instructions,…

3. Content related materials prepared with the use of KPM.

4. 100 multimedia presentations concerning use of the KPM.

5. Case studies of the SMEs.

6. Website of the project gathering information concering project implementation and serving as database of project content related materials and video advises (knowledge pills).