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Environment Awareness


Our territory host the coexistence of a highly industrial area (tanneries), which has always caused atmospheric and hydrologic pollution. On the other hand, we can found here many organizations and institution which are working for an attempt of safeguard of the environment and for an increase of the awareness of some themes concerning this problems. Also, in our territory it s possible to find many organic farms, trying to work with methods of organic agriculture and to offer to their customers healthy and biological products.
The project “Green Mind Xperience” takes shape in this territory and would like to represent an attempt to observe this local situation and consequently discuss about the environmental problems existing and typical of many areas, not only the one we're talking about. Also, we want to increase the awareness about the real problems of the negligence towards the care for the environment and encourage daily good practices. It is known that the care towards the environmental good practices has not always been considered important and only in the last years we have experimented the birth of many organizations, associations, youth centers and ethical purchasing groups with the objective of a more responsible life, in a cohabitation with their own territory. We want young people to develop skills about environmental care and correct behavior towards these themes. All activities will be lead through an informal education process, and participants will be always active in every step of the programme. There will be 7 groups, each made up of 5 people (4 participants and 1 group leader). The participants will develop skills that will be useful for their own education and developing, and that will help them share their own experience and the awareness they got. Through playful activities and role-playing games they will improve their own listening skills and their own critical sense in the evaluation of proposals and situations. Thanks to an horizontal approach, they will be involved in situations where they will have to share their own skills and opinions, being protagonists of every activity. They will also visit an organic farm and a garbage dump. In addition to activities closely related to the project there will also be two trips, one in Florence and one in Pisa, two beautiful cities no more than an hour from the place of execution of the project . We will also organize a public meeting with some politics involved in the themes: during this activity the participant will be able to discuss and learn about some decisional dynamics. On the website of the association a blog will be set up, where we will collect the impressions of the participants, the reportage documentation ( photos and video) of the initiative.




Michele Baldini