One Free Press Coalition: ’10 most urgent’ list of June 2021

Ahead of World Refugee Day on June 20, the One Free Press Coalition releases its monthly “10 Most Urgent” list with a spotlight on journalists forced to flee their homes or go into exile, as well as threats faced by…

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At a Glance – Advancing democracy in the world: EU-US Explainer – 28-07-2021

As the pandemic adds to the pressure on democracy worldwide, there is a growing sense of the urgent need to protect democracy and its institutions in a concerted and coordinated manner. On both sides of the Atlantic, growing domestic threats to democracy have added to the external challenges, but also offer global momentum for stronger democratic alliances. In their June 2021 joint summit statement, the EU and the US pledged to support democracy across the globe. As international flagships of democracy, meanwhile, both the European Parliament and the US Congress are strongly engaged in advancing democracy in third countries.

Source : © European Union, 2021 – EP

Study – Strategic or critical infrastructures, a way to interfere in Europe: state of play and recommendations – 03-05-2021

Critical Infrastructures (CIs) provide vital economic and social functions to European Union (EU) citizens. However, they are challenged by a diverse range of threats, not only natural and accidental but also intentional. CIs’ increasing reliance on technological advancements adds another element of complexity and vulnerability. Whilst their protection to date has been regulated by Directive 2008/114/EC, its scope of application has proved to be inadequate against an evolving landscape of security threats. Consequently, it is currently under revision. A careful analysis of CIs’ status in the EU, covering the challenges to their functioning and measures in place for their safeguard, is therefore necessary to provide recommendations for the adoption of further instruments so as to equip CIs with increased protection and resilience.

Source : © European Union, 2021 – EP


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