Greek reporter after death threats: journalism targeted by business-politics ties

Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis has recently denounced a death contract against him. Less than a month ago, another well-known investigative journalist was murdered in a mafia-styled execution in Athens. EURACTIV has interviewed Vaxevanis to find out about the deteriorating conditions of independent journalism in the country.

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Critical Infrastructures (CIs) provide vital economic and social functions to European Union (EU) citizens. However, they are challenged by a diverse range of threats, not only natural and accidental but also intentional. CIs’ increasing reliance on technological advancements adds another element of complexity and vulnerability. Whilst their protection to date has been regulated by Directive 2008/114/EC, its scope of application has proved to be inadequate against an evolving landscape of security threats. Consequently, it is currently under revision. A careful analysis of CIs’ status in the EU, covering the challenges to their functioning and measures in place for their safeguard, is therefore necessary to provide recommendations for the adoption of further instruments so as to equip CIs with increased protection and resilience.

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