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Country: Italy
Birthday: 05/11/1981
Activity: Education and training
Current Position: Project designer and trainer
Location: Project Manager at Associazione La Stazione
Address: Via Machiavelli, 13
Languages: Italian, englilsh, french
Short CV: Master degree in History of Art, Show Business and New Media (University of Pisa) Bachelor degree in Cinema and Visual Arts (University of Pisa) Master in European project, writing and management (Eurocube Innovation Agency) Youth Pass (Trainer certificate) for Advanced training of Quality project Youth Trainer on SALTO Platform I mainly work for no profit organizations. I take care of non formal education of youngsters between 18 and 25, writing projects, making some training activities (mainly about personal capacity of expression, conflict solving, art and environment awareness), proposing youth policies to local administrations, fundraising. Sometimes I manage to organize cultural events and i have a blog on (For which I work first of all as staff manager).
Interested in: Cinema, Music, Philosophy, Communcation, Web strategies, Fashion, Education
University: Master degree in History of Arts and Showbusiness - UniversitÓ di Pisa
Master: European Project Design - Bruxelles
Skills: Work in team capacity, decision making, enterpreneurship. Writing and reading, social media marketing and strategy, video and photo editing, coaching, non formal learning/education

Project: GreenMind XPerience
GreenMind XPerience Erasmus Plus
Project: Small stories for small communities
Small stories for small communities
Project: E-motion