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Country: Italy
Activity: not chosen
Current Position:
Location: Entrepreneur
Address: Via Poste Nuove 2
Languages: Italian, English, German
Short CV: Senior expert in EU grants and tenders, managing transnational partnerships, networking. Grants and Tenders funded under the following domains: health and social services, entrepreneurship, social economy, youth employment. Have been working on EU grant writing and EU project management scince 1997. In January 2014 I became Associate Partner of Nerosubianco with the role of providing support at regional level in terms of strategic transnational planning in the fields of health technologies, tourism and social economy. Am also 1) temporary manager on behalf of the City of Venice of the EASE & SEE project which has been funded under the SEE 2007-2013 Interreg programme. Special focus on creating links and busienss opportunities between social enterprises and "traditional" for profit enterprises; 2) temporary manager of the SEE Thematic Capitalization Pole "Innovative Services for SMEs". Main focus on creating connections within 12 SEE funded initiatives focused on SME's support services, innovation and business incubation.
Interested in: