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Country: Italy
Birthday: 01/01/1983
Activity: SMEs
Current Position: Executive Board Member and Partner at Conlabora Srl
Location: Bergamo, Milan (IT)
Address: Headquarter: Via San Bernardino 139, 24127 Bergamo (BG) Italy
Languages: Italian; English; French
Short CV: I'm Matteo, 32 years old, living in Bergamo (IT). After a master degree in Law at Universitŗ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, I joined an international firm headquartered in Italy involved in the support of SMEs' innovation and market expansion. In the meantime Iíve been in charge at University of Bergamo as assistant teacher in international cooperation subject. In 2014, I founded Conlabora Srl, a consulting firm providing services to support private and public operators in obtaining and managing public funds . From 2013, Iíve been charged in fund raising for several organisations and some business incubators such as Speed MI Up consortium at Bocconi University in Milan. Iíve a good record in obtaining and managing projects to European indirect funds and projects to European direct fund.
Interested in: In last years I've been actively involved and engaged in several R&D project design for private and public subject. Such established experience allows me to start my own company. Conlabora Srl is a consulting firm providing services of Project design, Project management, Strategy planning for SMEs and Large Enterprises, University, Research Institutes and Public bodies. In particular, Conlabora Srl can offer tailor-made support for public and private operators in turning their "grass-root" project idea into a sustainable and coherently-planned project proposal for timely submission within funding programmes at local, national or supra-national level. Based on a wide field experience and broad inside knowledge of main international and national funding programmes, Conlabora is endowed with all the necessary competences and resources to assist different types of applicants in making their proposal successful within the appropriately identified funding opportunities also by developing mid- to long-term approach, by planning the most appropriate strategy and by supporting the drafting of a coherent project budget.
University: Universitŗ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milan
Skills: Project Design, Project Management, Business Planning, Strategy implementation, Business Development, Communication and Public Relations
Place InNOVA Bergamo
Time Period April 2012 - Today
Description Innova Bergamo Association' main purpose is to develop initiatives to improve the enhancement of the urban environment of Bergamo from territorial, economic, cultural and social point-of-view. Primary goal of Innova is the improvement of environmental conditions of living in Bergamo for its citizens and its communities.
Accredited provider of coaching services to Startup companies under d.d. n. 9441/2013 of the Lombardy Region

Project: Virtual pathological heart of the virtual physiological human (VPH2)
Virtual pathological heart of the virtual physiological human (VPH2) ICT-2007.5.3 - Virtual physiological human
Project: LIFE HYDRO: Improving sustainability of water management through waste water hydropower
LIFE HYDRO: Improving sustainability of water management through waste water hydropower LIFE 2014-2020