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Country: Italy
Birthday: 22/12/1975
Activity: Transport
Current Position: Director
Location: Genoa
Address: Corso Europa 1361
Languages: Italian, English
Short CV: Economist and entrepreneur. Twelve years experience in business development and management in companies, organizations and associations involved in research and innovation in the fields of European policy and projects. Vast experience in European affairs and knowledge in developing, acquiring, managing and coordinating projects from different European Directorate Generals and Programmes.
Interested in: Projects partnership, coaching, development and delivery courses, supply education and training on EU policy, programmes and projects on transport, environment, innovation, smart city.
University: Economics
Master: Integrated Logistics
Skills: Overall direction company over people and activities; Management; Project development, execution and implementation; Project coordination at technical, administrative, operational, economic, financial and strategic level

Project: XPOSSE
XPOSSE Marco Polo
Project: Watermode Project
Watermode Project South East Europe
Project: B2B