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Country: Italy
Birthday: 19/09/1976
Activity: Intelligent Energy Europe
Current Position: Assistant EU Project Staff -
Location: Assistant
Languages: english
Short CV: Work experience From 1 December 2006 till today-Occupation or position held Employee of the provincial administration of Ancona in the role of Accounting assistant in the Sector Community Project Main activities and responsibilities 1. provision of administrative acts, determinations, administrative proposals; 2. financial reporting and secretary administration of European projects; 3. insert news on website- online European office; 4. preliminary check of the projects cards Por 2007/2013 ERDF, Priority 5; 5. preparation of timetable with the overall opportunities contained in the notice of the call of European Community
Interested in:
University: UniversitÓ degli studi di Macerata

Project: GOES Good on emergency situation
GOES Good on emergency situation