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Country: Italy
Birthday: 27/09/1982
Activity: Enterprise and Industry
Current Position: Financial Support Officer (EU projects)
Location: Italy
Languages: Italian- English - German - French
Short CV: Demonstrated experience in a financial service • examples of the largest projects realized as a Financial Support Officer: Budget Duration Number of partners €5 million 18 months 64 (52 SMEs, 4 universities and 8 research centres) €3 million 36 months 5 research centres €1 million 24 months 2 (a large enterprise and a university) Working Experiences 2011 – present Financial Support Officer: Inn. Impresa Srl, Padua (6 years) 2014 – 2015 EU Project Manager: University of Padua (1 year) 2010 Intern: Administration of the Veneto Region, Venice (6 months) 2008 Intern : European Committee of the Regions, Brussels (4 months)
Interested in: I very much enjoy collaborating with a team of people with similar interests and working towards shared goals. During my free time, I collaborate with Help for Life foundation ( providing them with consulting regarding new funding sources for social projects in Africa. I am also a keen folk dancer and I recently participated in several folk festivals.
University: 2006 – 2009 University of Padua - MA (Hons) International Politics and Diplomacy 2001-2006 University of Perugia - BA (Hons) Political Science and International Relationship
Master: 2010 – 2011 University of Padua - Master in European Integration Studies, Policies and Project Management
Skills: Financial reporting and analysis • prepared financial reports and analyses for more than 100 projects Budgeting, forecasting, statistics • monitored budget implementation and reviewed project accounting reports • provided forecasting analyses and wrote progress reports • collected and analysed financial statistical data from project partners Problem solving • analysed financial rules and regulations of contracts and grant agreements and presented them to stakeholders in a simple and structured manner Team working • ensured collaboration by listening to team members and providing them with the best solutions • earned trust by explaining clearly to project members the financial rights, opportunities and obligations of new calls Demonstrating flexibility • learned from every project new work methods and shared my experience with project partners Communication skills • persuaded project partners to follow the rules and regulations to avoid financial penalties • gave talks about new calls at meetings and conferences
Place Padua -Italy
Time Period January 2015 - Today
Description Help for Life Foundation
ASSOEURO – Italian Association of Management

VEGECELL POR FESR 20017-2013 Veneto Region
BIOTISSUE POR FESR 20017-2013 Veneto Region
Project: RISIB - Potenziamento della rete di infrastrutture a supporto dell’innovazione biotecnologica
RISIB - Potenziamento della rete di infrastrutture a supporto dell’innovazione biotecnologica POR-CRO parte FESR.2007/2013. Azione 1.1.1